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Armin Fieber

Managing Director at Kraftwerk Mehrum GmbH

Armin Fieber studied mechanical engineering at the university of Hannover / Germany. His main subject was energy and process engineering that shows his preference for this market already in the early 1990th. He kept this focus during his more than 30 years of experiences in the operation and services for power plants in Germany and surrounding countries. He took his first career steps as a maintenance manager of several coal fired power plants within the E.ON group. Together with the maintenance people from all conventional E.ON power plants he established the Uniper Anlagenservice, a market leader in the service business for power plants in Germany. Before stepping into the role as managing director of the hard coal fired 690 MW net unit Mehrum, he
joined ALSTOM and later GE to took over the business of prpressure part services and nuclear decommissioning of the core internals mainly in Germany. To round up his role and responsibility he now is in charged to establish the decommissioning business for RVA in Germany.

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