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Ian Wharton - Conference Chairman

Ian Wharton has more than 30 years professional engineering experience, primarily
within the process/chemical sector, of which over 20 have seen him develop specialist
knowledge in the field of decommissioning, demolition, dismantling and decontamination
project management; both as client with a UK major chemicals group, and specialist
project manager/operations director with UK leading specialist consultancy practice.

Ian Wharton
Conference Chairman
Strategic Development Director RVA Group
Matthew Waller
Operations Director
RVA Group
Bruno Travassos
Deputy Director
Gestão da Produção de Energia EDP
David Partridge
Asset Management – Development and Demolition
Roland Alford
Managing Director
Alford Technologies, UK
Giuseppe D’Orsi
Futur-e Project Manager
Enel Produzione SpA
Natalie Samelová
Project Manager
Terry Irving
Head of Business Development and Marketing
Brown and Mason
Tony Gaskell
Senior Consultant
Paradigm Ltd
Fábio Bruno Pinto
Director of Operations
Fábio Bruno Construções Ltda.
Preben Messerschmidt
Project Director
Emir Ali Kapukaya
Business Development
Bor Demolition, Decommisionning and Retired Asset Management Ltd.
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